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In the morning of Thursday and Friday, we have a short discussion on papers recently published and closely related to our research, avec du café et des croissants. 

Papers to be discussed:

Bakuhurin et al. (2023) Force tuning explains changes in phasic dopamine signaling during stimulus-reward learning. bioRxiv preprint

Liu et al. (2023) A Hypothalamic Circuit Underlying the Dynamic Control of Social Homeostasis. bioRxiv preprint


List of papers we have already discussed:



Jan. 2023 - 


Hur et al. (2023) Correlated signatures of social behavior in cerebellum and anterior cingulate cortex. bioRxiv preprint


Abdeladim et al. (2023) Probing inter-areal computations with a cellular resolution two-photon holographic mesoscope. bioRxiv preprint


Lee et al. (2023) Perirhinal Cortex Learns A Predictive Map of The Task Environment. bioRxiv preprint


Chen et al. (2023) Brain-wide neural activity underlying memory-guided movement. bioRxiv preprint


Singh Alvarado et al. (2023) Transient cAMP production drives rapid and sustained spiking in brainstem parabrachial neurons to suppress feeding. bioRxiv preprint


Yang et al. (2023) Phosphorylation of pyruvate dehydrogenase marks the inhibition of in vivo neuronal activity. bioRxiv preprint


de la Torre-Martinez et al. (2023) Ongoing movement controls sensory integration in the dorsolateral striatum. Nature Communications 14: 1004


Vestergaard et al. (2023) The cellular coding of temperature in the mammalian cortex. Nature 614: 725–731


Fan et al. (2023) All-optical physiology resolves a synaptic basis for behavioral timescale plasticity. Cell 186: 543-559.

Bimbard et al. (2023) Behavioral origin of sound-evoked activity in mouse visual cortex. Nature Neuroscience 26: 251–258

Markowitz et al. (2023) Spontaneous behaviour is structured by reinforcement without explicit reward. Nature in press


Coddington et al. (2023) Mesolimbic dopamine adapts the rate of learning from action. Nature in press


Campagner et al. (2022) A cortico-collicular circuit for orienting to shelter during escape. Nature 613:111–119


Gan et al. (2022) Layer-specific pain relief pathways originating from primary motor cortex. Science 378: 1336-1343

Veit et al. (2022) Cortical VIP neurons locally control the gain but globally control the coherence of gamma band rhythms. Neuron in press

Xie et al. (2022) A dopaminergic reward prediction error signal shapes maternal behavior in mice. Neuron in press



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