In the morning of Thursday and Friday, we have a short discussion on papers recently published and closely related to our research, avec du café et des croissants. 

Papers to be discussed:


Karigo et al. (2021) Distinct hypothalamic control of same- and opposite-sex mounting behaviour in mice. Nature 589: 258–263

List of papers we have already discussed:


Jan. 2021 -

Trojanowski et al. (2021) Activity labeling in vivo using CaMPARI2 reveals intrinsic and synaptic differences between neurons with high and low firing rate set points. Neuron 109:663-676.


Norman et al. (2021) Post-error recruitment of frontal sensory cortical projections promotes attention in mice. Neuron in press

Lui et al. (2021) Differential encoding in prefrontal cortex projection neuron classes across cognitive tasks. Cell 184: 489-506.


Holler et al. (2021) Structure and function of a neocortical synapse. Nature in press

Peters et al. (2021) Striatal activity topographically reflects cortical activity. Nature in press


Ketzef & Silberberg (2021) Differential synaptic input to external globus pallidus neuronal subpopulations in vivo. Neuron in press

Prager et al. (2020) Dopamine oppositely modulates state transitions in striosome and matrix direct pathway striatal spiny neurons. Neuron 108: 1091-1102.


Kim et al. (2020) A unified framework for dopamine signals across timescales. Cell 183: 1600-1616.

Cachero et al. (2020) BAcTrace, a tool for retrograde tracing of neuronal circuits in Drosophila. Nature Methods  17: 1254–1261.

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