In the morning of Thursday and Friday, we have a short discussion on papers recently published and closely related to our research, avec du café et des croissants. 

Papers to be discussed:

Guzulaitis et al. (2022) Neural basis of anticipation and premature impulsive action in the frontal cortex. Nature Neuroscience in press

Wang et al. (2022) Tuning instability of non-columnar neurons in the salt-and-pepper whisker map in somatosensory cortex. Nature Communications 13: 6611

Voelcker et al. (2022) Transformation of primary sensory cortical representations from layer 4 to layer 2. Nature Communications 13: 5484

List of papers we have already discussed:


Jan. 2022 - 

Ma et al. (2022) Locomotion activates PKA through dopamine and adenosine in striatal neurons. Nature in press

Scheggia et al. (2022) Reciprocal cortico-amygdala connections regulate prosocial and selfish choices in mice. Nature Neuroscience 25:1505–1518

Willmore et al. (2022) Behavioural and dopaminergic signatures of resilience. Nature in press


Grove et al. (2022) Dopamine subsystems that track internal states. Nature 608:374-380.


Matteucci et al. (2022) Cortical sensory processing across motivational states during goal-directed behavior. Neuron in press

Yang et al. (2021) Pain modulates dopamine neurons via a spinal–parabrachial–mesencephalic circuit. Nature Neuroscience 24: 1402–1413 


Takatoh et al. (2022) The whisking oscillator circuit. Nature in press


Buetfering et al. (2022) Behaviorally relevant decision coding in primary somatosensory cortex neurons. Nature Neurosicence 25:1225–1236

Jia et al. (2022) Multi-regional module-based signal transmission in mouse visual cortex. Neuron 110: 1585-1598

Tsai et al. (2022) Trans-Seq maps a selective mammalian retinotectal synapse instructed by Nephronectin. Nature Neuroscience 25: 659–674.


Javadzadeh & Hofer (2022) Dynamic causal communication channels between neocortical areas. Neuron in press

McElvain et al. (2021) Specific populations of basal ganglia output neurons target distinct brain stem areas while collateralizing throughout the diencephalon. Neuron 10: 1721-1738.


Hedrick et al. (2022) Learning binds new inputs into functional synaptic clusters via spinogenesis. Nature Neuroscience 25: 726–737


Zhang et al. (2022) Targeting thalamic circuits rescues motor and mood deficits in PD mice. Nature in press


Veerakumar et al. (2022) Molecularly defined circuits for cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary control. Nature in press


Engerhard et al. (2022) Opponent control of behavior by dorsomedial striatal pathways depends on task demands and internal state. Nature Neuroscience 25: 345–357

Cook et al. (2022) Secondary auditory cortex mediates a sensorimotor mechanism for action timing. Nature Neuroscience 25: 330–344


Currie et al. (2022) Movement-specific signaling is differentially distributed across motor cortex layer 5 projection neuron classes. Cell Reports 39: 110801

Iram et al. (2022) Young CSF restores oligodendrogenesis and memory in aged mice via Fgf17. Nature in press

Liu et al. (2022) Molecular and neural basis of pleasant touch sensation. Science  376: 483-491

Lafourcade et al. (2022) Differential dendritic integration of long-range inputs in association cortex via subcellular changes in synaptic AMPA-to-NMDA receptor ratio. Neuron 110: 1532-1546

Otor et al. (2022) Dynamic compartmental computations in tuft dendrites of layer 5 neurons during motor behavior. Science 376: 267-275

Li et al. (2022) Frontal neurons driving competitive behaviour and ecology of social groups. Nature 603: 661–666


Padilla-Coreano et al. (2022) Cortical ensembles orchestrate social competition through hypothalamic outputs. Nature 603: 667–671


Yu et al. (2022) Social touch-like tactile stimulation activates a tachykinin 1-oxytocin pathway to promote social interactions. Neuron 110:1051-1067


Liu et al. (2022) An action potential initiation mechanism in distal axons for the control of dopamine release. Science 375:1378-1385


Xu et al. (2022) Cortical processing of flexible and context-dependent sensorimotor sequences. Nature in press


Inagaki et al. (2022) A midbrain-thalamus-cortex circuit reorganizes cortical dynamics to initiate movement. Cell in press

Krüttner et al. (2022) Absence of familiarity triggers hallmarks of autism in mouse model through aberrant tail-of-striatum and prelimbic cortex signaling. Neuron in press

Garner and Keller (2022) A cortical circuit for audio-visual predictions. Nature Neuroscience 25: 98–105

Ichiki et al. (2022) Sensory representation and detection mechanisms of gut osmolality change. Nature 602: 468–474

Valero et al. (2022) Probing subthreshold dynamics of hippocampal neurons by pulsed optogenetics. Science 375: 570-574

Zhang et al. (2021) Dynamics of a disinhibitory prefrontal microcircuit in controlling social competition. Neuron 110: 516-531

Won et al. (2021) Opto-vTrap, an optogenetic trap for reversible inhibition of vesicular release, synaptic transmission, and behavior. Neuron 110: 423-435

Courtin et al. (2022) A neuronal mechanism for motivational control of behavior. Science 375: eabg7277 


Condylis et al. (2022) Dense functional and molecular readout of a circuit hub in sensory cortex. Science 375: eabl5981

Lee et al. (2021) FosGFP expression does not capture a sensory learning-related engram in superficial layers of mouse barrel cortex. PNAS 118: e2112212118


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