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In the morning of each day (2-3 days per week, recently), we have a short discussion on papers recently published and closely related to our research, avec du café et des croissants. (Spontaneously started in June 2016)

Papers to be discussed:



Livneh et al. (2020) Estimation of current and future physiological states in insular cortex. Neuron in press

List of papers we have already discussed:



Jan. 2019 - Dec. 2019



Egger et al. (2020) Cortical output is gated by horizontally projecting neurons in the deep layers. Neuron in press

Heymann et al. (2020) Synergy of distinct dopamine projection populations in behavioral reinforcement​. Neuron In press

Lak et al. (2020) Dopaminergic and prefrontal basis of learning from sensory confidence and reward value. Neuron in press


Lee et al. (2019) Sensory coding mechanisms revealed by optical tagging of physiologically defined neuronal types. Science 366: 1384-1389.

Siciliano et al. (2019) A cortical-brainstem circuit predicts and governs compulsive alcohol drinking. Science 366:1008-1012.


Hwang et al. (2019) Corticostriatal flow of action selection bias. Neuron in press

Ceballo et al. (2019) Targeted cortical manipulation of auditory perception. Neuron in press


Zerbi et al. (2019) Rapid reconfiguration of the functional connectome after chemogenetic locus coeruleus activation. Neuron103: 702-718.


Parker et al. (2018) Diametric neural ensemble dynamics in parkinsonian and dyskinetic states. Nature 557: 177-182.


Parker et al. (2019) A paranigral VTA nociceptin circuit that constrains motivation for reward. Cell 178: 653-671​.

Piatkevich et al. (2019) Population imaging of neural activity in awake behaving mice. Nature in press

Pinto et al. (2019) Task-dependent changes in the large-scale dynamics and necessity of cortical regions. Neuron in press


Huang et al. (2019) A neuronal circuit for activating descending modulation of neuropathic pain. Nature Neuroscience 22:1659-1668.


Reinhold et al. (2019) Behavioral and neural correlates of hide-and-seek in rats. Science 365: 1180-1183

Berret et al. (2019) Insular cortex processes aversive somatosensory information and is crucial for threat learning. Science 364: eaaw0474


Marshel et al. (2019) Cortical layer–specific critical dynamics triggering perception. Science 365: eaaw5202


Mayrhofer et al. (2019) Distinct contributions of whisker sensory cortex and tongue-jaw motor cortex in a goal-directed sensorimotor transformation. Neuron in press


Tschida et al. (2019) A specialized neural circuit gates social vocalizations in the mouse. Neuron 103: 459-472.


Abdelfattah et al. (2019) Bright and photostable chemigenetic indicators for extended in vivo voltage imaging. Science in press

Rasmussen et al. (2019) Cortex-wide changes in extracellular potassium ions parallel brain state transitions in awake behaving mice. Cell Reports 28: 1182-1194.

Carrillo-Reid et al. (2019) Controlling visually guided behavior by holographic recalling of cortical ensembles. Cell in press

Mohebi et al. (2019) Dissociable dopamine dynamics for learning and motivation. Nature 570: 65–70.

Otis et al. (2019) Paraventricular thalamus projection neurons integrate cortical and hypothalamic signals for cue-reward processing. Neuron in press

Yamada et al. (2019) Sensory experience remodels genome architecture in neural circuit to drive motor learning. Nature in press


Chettih & Harvey (2019) Single-neuron perturbations reveal feature-specific competition in V1. Nature 567: 334–340.

Inoue et al. (2019) Rational engineering of XCaMPs, a multicolor GECI suite for in vivo imaging of complex brain circuit dynamics. Cell in press

Clancy et al. (2019) Locomotion-dependent remapping of distributed cortical networks. Nature Neuroscience 22: 778–786.

Malvaez et al., (2019) Distinct cortical–amygdala projections drive reward value encoding and retrieval. Nature Neuroscience in press


Allen et al. (2019) Thirst regulates motivated behavior through modulation of brainwide neural population dynamics. Science in press

Wagner et al. (2019) Shared cortex-cerebellum dynamics in the execution and learning of a motor task. Cell in press

Mazzucato et al. (2019) Expectation-induced modulation of metastable activity underlies faster coding of sensory stimuli. Nature Neuroscience in press


Zhang & Bruno (2019) High-order thalamic inputs to primary somatosensory cortex are stronger and longer lasting than cortical inputs. eLife 8:e44158


Dominiak et al. (2019) Whisking signals motor preparation and the behavioral state of mice. BioRxiv preprint


Elgueda et al. (2019) State-dependent encoding of sound and behavioral meaning in a tertiary region of the ferret auditory cortex. Nature Neuroscience in press


Yetman et al. (2019) Intersectional monosynaptic tracing for dissecting subtype-specific organization of GABAergic interneuron inputs. Nature Neuroscience in press


Senzai et al. (2019) Layer-specific physiological features and interlaminar interactions in the primary visual cortex of the mouse. Neuron 101: 500–513.


Carta et al. (2019) Cerebellar modulation of the reward circuitry and social behavior, Science 363: eaav0581


Wireless Optogenetics Series (Kim et al, 2013, Science; Jeong et al., 2015; Park et al., 2015, Nat. Biotech.; Montgomery et al., 2015, Nat. Methods; Mickle et al., 2019, Nature)



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