In the morning of each day (2-3 days per week, recently), we have a short discussion on papers recently published and closely related to our research, avec du café et des croissants. (Spontaneously started in June 2016)​ ※ We moved the meeting online. 

Papers to be discussed:

Musall et al. (2019) Single-trial neural dynamics are dominated by richly varied movements. Nature Neuroscience 22:1677–1686

Robinson et al. (2020) Targeted activation of hippocampal place cells drives memory-guided spatial behavior. Cell 183: 1–14

Rossi et al. (2020) Spatial connectivity matches direction selectivity in visual cortex. Nature in press

Gallero-Salas et al. (2021) Sensory and behavioral components of neocortical signal flow in discrimination tasks with short-term memory. Neuron 109: 1–14

List of papers we have already discussed:


Jan. 2020 - 



Kim et al. (2020) Behavioral and neural bases of tactile shape discrimination learning in head-fixed mice. Neuron in press


Esmaeili et al. (2020) Divergent sensory processing converges in frontal cortex for a planned motor response. bioRxiv preprint, DOI: /10.1101/2020.10.06.326678


Kennedy et al. (2020) Stimulus-specific hypothalamic encoding of a persistent defensive state. Nature in press

Vesuna et al. (2020) Deep posteromedial cortical rhythm in dissociation. Nature in press


Banerjee et al. (2020) Value-guided remapping of sensory cortex by lateral orbitofrontal cortex. Nature in press

Qian et al. (2020) Reversing a model of Parkinson’s disease with in situ converted nigral neurons. Nature 582: 550–556.


Suzuki et al. (2020) A synthetic synaptic organizer protein restores glutamatergic neuronal circuits. Science 369: eabb4853


Ottenheimer et al. (2020) A quantitative reward prediction error signal in the ventral pallidum. Nature Neuroscience in press


Hörnberg et al. (2020) Rescue of oxytocin response and social behaviour in a mouse model of autism. Nature in press


Tang et al. (2020) Social touch promotes interfemale communication via activation of parvocellular oxytocin neurons. Nature Neuroscience in press


Morrens et al. (2020) Cue-evoked dopamine promotes conditioned responding during learning. Neuron106:142-153.


Huang et al. (2020)​ BRICseq bridges brain-wide interregional connectivity to neural activity and gene expression in single animals. Cell in press DOI:


El-Boustani et al. (2020) Anatomically and functionally distinct thalamocortical inputs to primary and secondary mouse whisker somatosensory cortices. Nature Communications 11, 3342.


Zell et al. (2020) VTA glutamate neuron activity drives positive reinforcement absent dopamine co-release. Neuron in press


Clemens et al. (2020) The lateral septum mediates kinship behavior in the rat. Nature Communications 11, 3161


Cross-hemispheric gamma synchrony between prefrontal parvalbumin interneurons supports behavioral adaptation during rule shift learning. Nature Neuroscience in press

Anpilov et al. (2020) Wireless optogenetic stimulation of oxytocin neurons in a semi-natural setup dynamically elevates both pro-social and agonistic behaviors. Neuron in press


Guru et al. (2020) Ramping activity in midbrain dopamine neurons signifies the use of a cognitive map. bioRxiv preprint,


Barbano et al. (2020) VTA glutamatergic neurons mediate innate defensive behaviors. Neuron in press


Hughes et al. (2020) Ventral tegmental dopamine neurons control the impulse vector during motivated behavior. Current Biology in press

Prevost-Solieet al. (2020) Dopamine neurons of the VTA encode active conspecific interaction and promote social learning through social reward prediction error. bioRxiv preprint, doi:


Kim et al. (2020) Extraction of distinct neuronal cell types from within a genetically continuous population. Neuron in press.


Gong et al. (2020) An ultra-sensitive step-function opsin for minimally invasive optogenetic stimulation in mice and macaques. Neuron in press.


Tan et al. (2020) The gut–brain axis mediates sugar preference. Nature 580: 511–516.

Li & Jasanoff (2020) Local and global consequences of reward-evoked striatal dopamine release. Nature 580: 239-244.


Lepack et al. (2020) Dopaminylation of histone H3 in ventral tegmental area regulates cocaine seeking. Science 368: 197-201.


Dolensek et al. (2020) Facial expressions of emotion states and their neuronal correlates in mice. Science 368: 89-94.


Iino et al. (2020) Dopamine D2 receptors in discrimination learning and spine enlargement. Nature in press


Mercer Lindsay et al. (2019) Orofacial movements involve parallel corticobulbar projections from motor cortex to trigeminal premotor nuclei. Neuron 104:765-780.

Condylis  et al. (2020) Context-dependent sensory processing across primary and secondary somatosensory cortex Neuron in press

Chen et al. (2020) Dysfunction of cortical GABAergic neurons leads to sensory hyper-reactivity in a Shank3 mouse model of ASD. Nature Neuroscience in press


Milne et al. (2020) Pinnipeds orient and control their whiskers: a study on Pacific walrus, California sea lion and Harbor seal. J Comp Physiol A


Sangiamo et al. (2020) Ultrasonic signals associated with different types of social behavior of mice. Nature Neuroscience in press

Livneh et al. (2020) Estimation of current and future physiological states in insular cortex. Neuron in press

Egger et al. (2020) Cortical output is gated by horizontally projecting neurons in the deep layers. Neuron in press

Heymann et al. (2020) Synergy of distinct dopamine projection populations in behavioral reinforcement​. Neuron In press

Lak et al. (2020) Dopaminergic and prefrontal basis of learning from sensory confidence and reward value. Neuron in press


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