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In the morning of Thursday and Friday, we have a short discussion on papers recently published and closely related to our research, avec du café et des croissants. 

Papers to be discussed:

Jamali et al. (2024) Semantic encoding during language comprehension at single-cell resolution. Nature 631: 610–616

List of papers we have already discussed:



Jan. 2024 - 


Bonnavion et al. (2024) Striatal projection neurons coexpressing dopamine D1 and D2 receptors modulate the motor function of D1- and D2-SPNs. Nature Neuroscience in press


Long et al. (2024) Constraints on the subsecond modulation of striatal dynamics by physiological dopamine signaling. Nature Neuroscience in press

Cazettes et al. (2024) Facial expressions in mice reveal latent cognitive variables and their neural correlates. bioRxiv preprint


Oude Lohuis et al. (2024) Triple dissociation of visual, auditory and motor processing in mouse primary visual cortex. Nature Neuroscience 27: 758–771

de Jong et al. (2024) State and rate-of-change encoding in parallel mesoaccumbal dopamine pathways. Nature Neuroscience 27: 309–318


Amo et al. (2024) Glutamate inputs send prediction error of reward, but not negative value of aversive stimuli, to dopamine neurons. Neuron 112:1001-1019


Jin et al. (2024) A body–brain circuit that regulates body inflammatory responses. Nature in press


Zhang et al. (2024) Cortical regulation of helping behaviour towards others in pain. Nature 626:136–144.


Tang et al. (2024) Dynamic behaviour restructuring mediates dopamine-dependent credit assignment. Nature 626:583–592.


Nguyen et al. (2024) Cortical reactivations predict future sensory responses. Nature 625:110–118.

Domingues et al. (2024) Dynamic representation of appetitive and aversive stimuli in nucleus accumbens shell D1- and D2-medium spiny neurons. bioRxiv preprint


Molas et al. (2024) Dopamine control of social novelty preference is constrained by an interpeduncular-tegmentum circuit. Nature Communications 15, 2891.

Sias et al. (2024) Dopamine projections to the basolateral amygdala drive the encoding of identity-specific reward memories. Nature Neuroscience 27, 728-736.


Pan-Vazquez et al. (2024) Pre-existing visual responses in a projection-defined dopamine population explain individual learning trajectories. bioRxiv preprint


Chakarabarti et al. (2024) Touch sensation requires the mechanically gated ion channel ELKIN1. Science 383: 992-998.

Juen et al. (2024) A neural substrate for short-term taste memories. Neuron 112: 277-287.


Wong et al. (2024) Synapse-specific burst coding sustained by local axonal translation. Neuron 112: 264-276.


Mocellin et al. (2024) A septal-ventral tegmental area circuit drives exploratory behavior. Neuron in press


Zolnik et al. Layer 6b controls brain state via apical dendrites and the higher-order thalamocortical system. Neuron in press


Blanco-Hernández et al. (2024) Sensory and behavioral modulation of thalamic head-direction cells. Nature Neuroscience 27: 28–33

Ye et al. Brain-wide topographic coordination of traveling spiral waves. bioRxiv preprint

Eshel et al. Striatal dopamine integrates cost, benefit, and motivation. Neuron in press

Yokose et al. Visuotactile integration facilitates mirror-induced self-directed behavior through activation of hippocampal neuronal ensembles in mice. Neuron in press



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