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Associate Professor

Takayuki Yamashita, Ph.D.


 > Researchmap (English / 日本語)

 > 日本語エッセイ(日本生理学雑誌 71: 186-187 2009)

Post-doctoral researcher

Takanori Matsubara, Ph.D.

PhD students

Wanru Li

Masahiro Kawatani, M.D.

Technical assistant

Miho Jin

Department staffs helping us

Ryoko Nomura (secretary)

Sayo Tsukamoto (technical assistant)

Tomoko Nasu (technical assistant)

The Yamashita Research Unit belongs to Department of Neuroscience II (Prof. Akihiro Yamanaka) at Nagoya University Research Institute of Environmental Medicine.


Akari Kambara (technical assistant, full-time)

Chiaki Koike (technical assistant, part-time)

Kohta Mizutani (undergrad student)

Shun-ya Yagi (technical assistant, part-time)

Dr. Akihiro Yamanaka

Nagoya University, Japan

Dr. Carl Petersen
EPFL, Switzerland
Dr. Takayuki Yanagida
NAIST, Japan
Dr. Junichiro Yoshimoto
NAIST, Japan

We are currently seeking post-doctoral researchers and graduate students who are interested in our projects and highly motivated to lead a research program in a team environment.


For detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us.