Original Research Articles

Remote control of neural function by X-ray-induced scintillation.
Matsubara T, Yanagida T, Kawaguchi N, Nakano T, Yoshimoto J, Sezaki M, Takizawa H, Tsunoda SP, Horigane S, Ueda S, Takemoto-Kimura S, Kandori H, Yamanaka A, 

Yamashita T*
Nature Communications 
12: 4478, 2021. (*, Corresponding author)

Press Release プレスリリース 神経科学トピックス



Frequency-dependent block of excitatory neurotransmission by isoflurane via dual presynaptic mechanisms.
Wang H-Y, Eguchi K, Yamashita T, Takahashi T

The Journal of Neuroscience 40: 4103-4115, 2020.

Press Release 日本語解説


Large timescale interrogation of neuronal function by fiberless optogenetics using lanthanide micro-particles.

Miyazaki T*, Chowdhury S*, Yamashita T*, Matsubara T, Yawo H, Yuasa H, Yamanaka A

Cell Reports 26: 1033-1043, 2019. (*, Co-first authors)

Diverse long-range axonal projections of excitatory layer 2/3 neurons in mouse barrel cortex.

Yamashita T*, Vavladeli A*, Pala A*, Galan K*, Crochet S, Petersen SSA, Petersen CCH

Frontiers in Neuroanatomy 12, 33, 2018. (*, Co-first authors)


Target-specific membrane potential dynamics of neocortical projection neurons during goal-directed behavior.
Yamashita T*, Petersen CCH*

eLife 5, e15798, 2016.  (*, Co-corresponding authors)


Near-infrared (NIR) up-conversion optogenetics.
Hososhima S, Yuasa H, Ishizuka T, Hoque MR, Yamashita T, Yamanaka A, Sugano E, Tomita H, Yawo H

Scientific Reports 5, 16533, 2015.


Membrane potential dynamics of neocortical projection neurons driving target-specific signals.

Yamashita T*, Pala A, Pedrido L, Kremer Y, Welker E, Petersen CCH*

Neuron 80, 1477-1490, 2013. (*, Co-corresponding authors)



Developmental shift to a mechanism of synaptic vesicle endocytosis requiring Ca2+ nanodomain.

Yamashita T*, Eguchi K, Saitoh N, von Gersdorff H, Takahashi T*

Nature Neuroscience 13, 838-844, 2010. (*, Co-corresponding authors)


Involvement of Ca2+ channel synprint site in synaptic vesicle endocytosis.

Watanabe H, Yamashita T, Saitoh N, Kiyonaka S,  Iwamatsu A, Campbell KP, Mori Y, Takahashi T

The Journal of Neuroscience 30, 655-660, 2010.


Vesicular glutamate filling and AMPA receptor occupancy at the calyx of Held synapse of immature rats.

Yamashita T, Kanda T, Eguchi K, Takahashi T

The Journal of Physiology (London) 587, 2327-2339, 2009.


Involvement of AMPA receptor desensitization in short-term synaptic depression at the calyx of Held in developing rats.

Koike-Tani M, Kanda T, Saitoh N, Yamashita T, Takahashi T

The Journal of Physiology (London) 586, 2263-2275, 2008.

Developmental changes in calcium/calmodulin-dependent inactivation of calcium currents at the rat calyx of Held.

Nakamura T*, Yamashita T*, Saitoh N, Takahashi T

The Journal of Physiology (London) 586, 2253-2261, 2008. (*, Co-first authors)


Vesicle endocytosis requires dynamin-dependent GTP hydrolysis at a fast CNS synapse.

Yamashita T, Hige T, Takahashi T

Science 307, 124-127, 2005.

プレスリリース 日本語解説


Developmental increase in vesicular glutamate content does not cause AMPA receptor saturation at the calyx of Held synapse.

Yamashita T, Ishikawa T, Takahashi T

The Journal of Neuroscience 23, 3633-3638, 2003.


A glycine receptor antagonist, strychnine, blocked NMDA receptor activation in the neonatal mouse neocortex.

Miyakawa N, Uchino S, Yamashita T, Okada H, Nakamura T, Kaminogawa S, Miyamoto Y, Hisatsune T

Neuroreport 13, 1667-1673, 2002.


Review Articles

​Remote optogenetics using up/down-conversion phosphors.

Matsubara T, Yamashita T*

Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences in press. (*, Corresponding author)


Sensation during active behaviors.

Busse L, Cardin J, Chiappe E, Halassa M, McGinley M, Yamashita T, Saleem A
The Journal of Neuroscience 37, 10826-10834, 2017.

Lateral hypothalamic circuits for sleep-wake control​.

Yamashita T, Yamanaka A
Current Opinion in Neurobiology 44, 94-100, 2017.

Ca2+-dependent regulation of synaptic vesicle endocytosis.

Yamashita T

Neuroscience research 73, 1-7, 2012.



Book Chapters

Patch clamp recording method in slices for studying presynaptic mechanisms. 

Takahashi T, Hori T, Nakamura Y, Yamashita T 

Chapter 8 in "Patch Clamp Techniques: From Beginning To Advanced Protocols". Edited by Yasunobu Okada. Published by Springer, 2012.







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