• 3rd Dec. 2020: Lab members at their office area just after renovation
  • 25th March 2020: Takanori just after receiving his Ph.D. diploma
  • 24th March 2020: Farewell dinner for Akari-san
  • 30th August 2019: Miho and Akari, the masters of immunostaining
  • 2019 group photo (from left to right: Akari, Miho, Takayuki, Takanori)
  • 28th March 2019: Farewell lunch for Koike-san
  • 30th July 2018: Bilal's visit
  • 2018 group photo (from left to right: Akari, Takayuki, Shun-ya, Takanori)
  • 28th March  2018: Kohta presented his data at the annual meeting of the Physiological Society of Japan
  • 26th March  2018: Kohta's farewell party
  • 19th April 2017: Takayuki received the Young Scientists' Prize from MEXT
  • 28th March 2017: Kohta's new task is working in the right way
  • 27th May 2016: Takanori's first whole-cell recording in awake cortex
  • 2016 group photo (from left to right: Kouta, Takayuki, Takanori)
  • 18th May 2016: Takanori got the strongest intrinsic signal ever
  • 9th May 2016: Takahashi-sensei's visit
  • 18th September 2015: Carl's visit

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